Just 5 minutes off Tel-Aviv city Centre at the heart of Israel Diamond Stock Exchange and right at one of Israel most luxurious residential neighborhoods,

The Neighborhood host a verity of residents, from Families to Embassy’s residents as well as Israel wealthiest and government officials

The neighborhood is named after Benjamin Goldberg, the son of Ytzhak Leib Goldberg, the owner of “Goldberg Orchards”, who was killed serving as a special agent protecting the alcohol factory during the events of 1929.The neighborhood is established on a limestone hill in the triangle between Bialik street, Abba Hillel and Jabotinsky road, and where the home of the second prime minister, Moshe Sharet, was located. On the 30th of December 1943, it was annexed to Ramat Gan.The Tel Benjamin neighborhood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Israel where families from the top of the social and business communities of Israel are living. In addition, several ambassadors are residing there.